8 yo Behavior in School


My 2nd grade son goes to public school. His district uses a color coded behavior chart. Every morning he starts on the color green and has a chance to progress up the scale for positive behavior or down the scale for negative behavior. Half of his days have ended on various "bad" colors. The reason is mostly talking with some "did not follow directions" mixed in.

My husband and I were concerned about his behavior so we implemented a plan to remove a toy from his room with each "out" he gained. (Three strikes equalled an out.) He agreed and he was left with a cleaned out room for about a month before anything was earned back.

Here's the conundrum. During my son's parent teacher conference, when I probed more about my son's conduct, his teacher assured me that he is a normal second grade boy. She also added that when called down, my son does not roll his eyes or talk back. And that he seems remorseful.

Is his behavior being downgraded for being a normal boy? Is their behavior scale broken? Are we overreacting?

As a parent, I do not want him to be a disruption to the classroom. I also don't want his behavior to be left unchecked if there is a problem.

I feel that my son and I both have a good relationship with his teacher.

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