27 month old Poop Training


My son with global developmental delay (now about 24 months developmentally) has been doing great with toilet training for urine. He's been in underwear during the day for about 2 months and after the first week he caught on (after initially seeming oblivious) and now rarely has an accident. And even then he usually catches himself when damp and asks to go to the potty and finish. He hasn't made a lot of progress with pooping in the potty. When we started training he rarely pooped during the day and always woke with poop in the diaper. This pattern has continued for the most part and rarely does he need to poop during the day. He had a week period where he woke every morning without a poopy diaper and for that week he seemed to be catching on to pooping on the potty, the first few days in his pants but after that he started going on the potty. But then after a week he went back to the night pattern. Last week he had a stomach virus and diarrhea and did pretty well going to the potty. Grandma was urging me to put him back in diapers because he was sick, but held firm and I think it turned out a good learning experience for him. He'd sometimes start to go in underwear (a few drops) and then ask for help to get to the potty to finish (he still needs help getting his underwear off if he needs to go quickly). Now that he's over his illness he's back to the night poop pattern. I'm not sure if I need to do anything differently or if this will work itself out. He doesn't seem to be poop resistent currently. I'm just afraid if he doesn't establish a good pooping on the potty pattern now while he's easy going we might run into the poop witholding problem I'm reading so many people have with training older kids.

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