6 year old Up and Down


My almost 6 year old daughter in the last couple of months has switched gears - I have done the "ticket" method with her in the past and have had success - however - lately this has to do more with her ups and downs - today we had a great Thanksgiving with my family - my daughter was having so much fun with all of the other children in the family - but once we got home - it was time to calm down and we simply couldn't get it to happen - she was so hyper that when I would tell her to brush her teeth - she was jumping all over the bathroom blurting out things that didn't even make sense, dying laughing - I was getting more and more mad - my husband decided to tell her that she wasn't going to be able to come out of town with us tomorrow and that he had called a babysitter to come sit with her because she wasn't listen - this of course was not true - but then she went the complete opposite direction and started uncontrollably crying that I finally just had to let her cry it out.
This type of behavior is happening almost everyday now - she has perfect behavior at school and with friends - but once she gets home - it's a totally different story - I simply can't get her to calm down no matter how many talks we have or how I discipline her - I am getting concerned that something emotional is changing/happening - what do I need to do?

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