16 yo Dating


Dear Dr. Rosemond,
Your wife forwarded an e-mail to you last year & I thank you again for your quick reply. You helped me last year advising me to shut down a toxic friendship that my daughter was having with a older boy & she actually later thanked me, calling me her Prince Charming ! She is now 16 in 10th grade and very attractive. She attends a small christian school & wants a boyfriend like some of her girlfriends have. We have told her that she is too young to date, but not sure how much longer we can continue to ask that. She has taken a liking to a black boy in the 9th grade. She knows her mother & I don't approve of that, but our disapproval seems to drive her to rebel. I told her that I know it isn't right or christian judging a person because of their skin color, but socially it still isn't acceptable. That if you lived in LA it wouldn't matter because they even accept gays out there, but in Newport News, VA you would be opening a can of worms. That her mom & I want to protect her from damaging her reputation and that not just our family would be upset, but the whole family on both sides, not to mention our neighbors, church & almost everyone else. That she would be looked down upon & called names like a dirty whore. I know it isn't right, but that is sadly the way it is. I'm taking her phone away from her as of now because she has not heeded our warnings & has continued to chat & court this boy by texting him about her deep feelings for him. I've blown it by getting upset and upsetting her, but at the same time she has totally disregarded my advise & has pursued this boy. Please advise as soon as you can. Thank you

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