33 month old Poop Problems


My 33-month-old daughter has been potty training for 4 months, and is still not pooping regularly in the potty. I roughly know her poop schedule, but if I ask her if she needs to go, she always says no (I can't read her mind or her bowels, so I have no idea if she's getting the signal to poop or not.) If I talk to her about not pooping in her pants and tell her I know she can do better (gently, kindly), she tries to look away and change the conversation. Sometimes, rarely, the poops are in her sleep, and I don't guess much can be done about that. But for the others, what can I do? I should say that although she's 33 months by birth, she's considered more like 30 months since she was a micropreemie born at 26 weeks. However, she has suffered no heath conditions from her early birth. What can I do? What should I do? I tried putting her in an empty bathroom a few times like Dr. Rosemund suggested for older kids. Once she pooped in her potty, and once she pooped on the floor next to her potty. The other problem is, if she's already "pooped for the day" at daycare, how can I train her? Should she be given some kind of immediate consequence (home or daycare) for not telling anyone she needs to poop and pooping in her pants? Thanks, Lynna

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