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I have a 33-month-old daughter who has been potty training for 4 months now. She poops once a day (rarely more or less). She will generally "sync" her pooping to a particular time of day for a block of days (mid-morning for a week, evening for a few days, back to breakfast for 3 days, etc.) But only about 12 poops in 4 months have been on the potty. This last month, she did tell me she needed to poop three different times, then sat down and did it, which was huge progress. The other times she told me after she'd started, and I put her on the potty for the "second part" of the poop. Unfortunately, she almost never poops in early morning or at night, so 5 days a week, she poops at daycare--always in her pants. I tell them each morning what her poop schedule seems to be and to look out for it, and I ask them to be kind, but to hold her responsible for it. And yet it keeps happening. Because I only get weekend poops, I only get two potential training days with her. I'm getting really frustrated. These folks have been really disconnected with getting her to the potty to urinate, and I'm afraid they are just not reinforcing the importance of pooping in the potty, especially since most of her class is still in diapers. I have absolutely no choice (single parent) but to have her in daycare. I'm afraid the attitude there might be slowing her training at school and affecting it at home. I need to know how to help Nola succeed in pooping in the potty (1) at daycare and (2) at home. Thanks.

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