Nap-time Accidents


I have a 33-month-old daughter who has been potty training for 4 months now. She has gotten pretty good at urinating on the potty, if she is directed and taken at intervals. However, she has to go to daycare five days a week, where she always wets at naptime and has to have a clothes change. They've asked to put her in a diaper sometimes for nap, and I've said no, hoping that she would soon "grow out" of that. Am I wrong to stick to my guns on this? Should I let daycare put her in a nap diaper? This place has not done well "at potty" in my opinion, having bathrooms on the other side of the building, and citing "shorthandedness" on not getting Nola to the bathroom every 45 min or so (the rest of her class is mostly still in diapers). I am moving her to a different daycare in a few months, but I still need to figure out the whole nap/diaper thing. Thanks, Lynna

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