31 mo having accidents


My 31 month old has been out of nappies for at least 8 months during the day. She has been very good with toilet training, until recently. Now she goes for a period without accidents and then a period of a week or so with at least one accident a day. I can see she needs to go and I ask her and she says no. At this point I set the potty bell for a minute and it goes off. Then she starts screaming and crying and resists the potty bell. I have then taken her to the toilet saying the potty bell is reminding her to go and she wets herself as I'm taking off her pants. I can't help but get angry with her because I have tried to prevent the accident. She seems to be going backward with toileting. She thinks it is Ok to get new underwear and putting her in her room for 'punishment' until she can use the toilet wouldn't work because she loves her room and bed and loves being in there anyway. What can you suggest is a good cause of action to take?

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