5 yr old misbehaves in kindergarten


Our son Jack is in Kindergarten. We received communication from his teacher that he was having to be put in timeout for his behavior. So, we put forth some consequences: all toys out of his room and he can earn them back, he spends 1/2 hour sitting in a chair in the corner when he gets home, no tv, no games, and he has to go to bed 1/2 hour early. I thought it was working because his was no longer getting timeouts (but his name on the board), but then I received an email from his teacher that said:

"Jack is having some meltdowns over simple occurrences. For example, yesterday he got very angry at me when I made him walk in the cafeteria. He shout and stomped his feet at me. When I corrected him about his reaction he began to walk away from me. We did discuss his behavior right there and then, but he was very angry. today he became angry when the computer game was not working. He slammed the mouse on the table and walked away. I asked him to make another choice, but he stomped off and refused to make another choice. I am very concerned with Jacks reaction to these situations. He seems to be getting angrier and angrier when he can not have his way and the situations seem to be increasing each day. I would like to recommend that Jack see our school counselor a few times to see if we can find a way for Jack to channel his behavior."

We were really surprised because I see none of that of home. Jack wouldn't dare shout at me or walk away from me. He is loving, polite, and happy the vast majority of the time at home. When I tell him "No" (which is a lot), he just says "Ok" and walks away. Jack wants to please us at home, but I don't think he cares about his teacher. And, we of course don't demand the same schedule of him. I've talked and talked to him about making better choices and why he's angry, but I don't think I'm saying or doing the right things.

My question is: "Are we doing the right thing so far and how worried should I be that my 5 year old has to see the school counselor for anger issues?"

His fraternal twin brother is having no issues in school (so far).

Thank you for your help.

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