32 month old Longs for Diaper


Help! I am a grandfather and I belong to your site. The situation is potty training! I have a wonderful 32 month old granddaughter, who is well behaved and very normal for her age. But my daughter (her mom) bought into the just wait method and believed that Klara would just learn the potty by herself when she was ready. Well...not so much. Tonight I was with her and her mom took off her diaper and said when she needed to go pee pee to go to the potty. Well, she told me she needed to go, and asked me to put her diaper on. She would not go in the potty! My daughter was home and this led to quite a stressful situation as my daughter tried to get Klara to go on the potty and she cried for her diaper. Any suggestions on how to help a 32 month old go on the potty when she knows she needs to go? Couple of background statements. Both my daughter and son in law work. Klara is home with a Nanny Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and my wife (her grandmother) watches her on Monday's. Her mom is home on Fridays. So what can we also do to help. Thanks for your help!

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