13 yo and 8 yo Ticket System, Revisited, #4!


This question is for Dinah.

Re:13 yo and 8 yo Ticket System, Revisited
Dinah, somebody answered my question, but it seems I caused a misunderstanding to her. I will resend this question to you because she doesn't know our past conversations and she doesn't know my cultural back ground. (I added more information so that you know my cultural back ground.)

Dinah, the reason that I have 30 target behaviors that I have dealt with my kids over the years is simply because my target behaviors are very specific, and don't cover broad areas, like "Be respectful to others" "Be polite" "Be kind" "Be obedient".

My target behaviors are more like "No eye rolling when I tell you to do something" (Dinah, I am not an American. I am from Asia, and eye rolling is very, very rude and absolutely not allowed by anyone in my country.) "when you say 'Thank you', no whispering. Use your big voice".

I work on 3 very specific issues for a few of months and move on to the next 3. That's why there are so many target behaviors I worked with my kids over the years. I work on only 3 behaviors at one time and ignore other misbehaviors.

Do you still think I am micromanaging and I should change the way I've been doing this? I am very open to any help and advice. Just let me know what you think, Dinah. I am willing to change and follow your advice. Thank you for your help, Dinah!

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