Toddler Resisting Potty, part 2


I'm sorry to keep asking question, but I am desperate for someone to help me out. We got rid of the potty bell because it seemed to make my son anxious and resistant. I have him in just loose sweat pants with no underwear now that it is getting cold. I will take him to the big potty every now and then and the only way he will stay is if he has books so he can point to things. Sometimes he will pee, but he will never poop on the toilet. I am so sick of cleaning up poop!! He will go in his pants and then run away and hide. It doesn't seem to phase him one bit that he soiled himself either. He will notice what is happening, but he would wear those same pants all day if I would let him. He has will go pee then get down, run away and poop. We have been at this a week. I took of time to devote to it, but we are no closer than when we started. I am determined to stick with it, but something has to give soon.

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