3 year old eating issues


Since our son turned 3 recently, he has completely refused to try anything new at dinner time. We really believe that he should at least take one bite of everything on his plate! Because he is refusing, we make him sit at the table until he complies, but for 4 nights in a row he simply will not give in. We go on with our evening as usual, cleaning up the kitchen, playing with our daughter, etc. At the end of the evening when it's time for bed, he knows he gets no toys in his bath and no stories before bed. He doesn't seem to care! Believe me, there is no convincing, prodding, begging, etc. going on here. It's cut and dry and if he doesn't comply, he sits there. Is what we're doing completely wrong? Cruel? Crazy? And if so, how do we let it go and start doing something else without him thinking he won and we don't know what we're doing?

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