19 month old Potty "Wolf"


We started "N75" about 6 days ago and have had some success with our almost 19month old daughter (2 successful pees in the potty, 1 poop!) but it seems that she has figured out that when she is in her high chair for meals and just before bed (when she is completely dressed in her diaper and footed, zip-up pjs) that she will say she needs to go potty and we will either get her out of her high chair or undress her (from her pjs and diaper) only to have her sit on the potty for a few seconds and then get up. When she's in the high chair, we put her right back in so that she isn't associating saying it with being able to get down from her chair permanently (and she is normally happy to get back into her chair). Just before bed, we dress her back up and go back to saying goodnight. In both cases, she will say it more than once. I don't want to ignore her telling us she needs to potty but I also think she has figured out she can get us to react (and sort of play) and is doing it more for the reaction than the need for the potty... How should we handle it when she does this? She has had accidents in the high chair daily, and I have felt her new diaper wet (in the instance before bed) so she's not always "playing." I am just not sure how to handle this... do I ignore her and possibly deal with the accident and confuse her because she is verbalizing that she wants the potty and then we aren't responding, or do we keep putting her on and off the potty?

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