6 year old disrespect


Any suggestions for a 6 year old boy, who can be very sweet hearted but generally is very strong willed and seems to exercise more affection toward dad than mom. Most requests are met with challenges whether it be cleaning up, wearing certain clothes or not to use such language as "dummy" "idiot" "stupid" etc. It is generally a lot of defiance, then sometimes he will just kick out of it and be compliant, but it usually takes a lot of persuasion. Quite often he is just downright ugly to both of us, mommy more than me. We spend quite a bit of time with our kids so I cant see that being the issue. We take away things that he really likes, iPad games, etc. and we send him to isolated places for time periods which he does not like and that seems effective to a degree, but NO issues at school at all so we are really perplexed as to best practices. We feel as though we have tried the gentle route, as well as the harsh route and it all seems to come back. We really want to tackle it while he is younger so it doesn't get worse as he gets older. Thanks

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