Wayward College Kid


Our 19yo daughter is sophomore in college at an expensive school in a very distant state. We pay all expenses, as well as rent, cell phone, utilities. She has a small loan. She was awarded an opportunity to do research in her field of study with a dept. professor and is paid(approx.$2,500/academic year).
She earned money the previous summers working two jobs earning about $3300 which we contracted with her would go toward rent and books. She joined triathlon club and wanted a ski pass. We have never known her to drink or do drugs, but my son recently received a my story (short video) of her appearing to be holding alcohol with friends and using a shocking 4 letter word while at the school football game. I talked to her that evening and she said she was sorry and had made a mistake. I told her she will have to send all her pay checks to us as a result (which I will use for her expenses). Her grades are B's. I'm wondering if we need to do more? We are shocked.

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