21 month old wears diapers again on vacation and...guess what?


Started potty training my son when he was 21 months (beginning of June) using N$75 method (Read John's book). By August he was telling me he had to go and was using the potty 75% of the time. We went on vacation in August for 2 1/2 weeks and we used pull-ups through our long car rides and used a swimmer diaper while at the beach. We had lots of accidents during vacation but we kept him in underwear unless we were in the car a long time or at the beach. Since our return from vacation he has regressed to the point of only rarely going on the potty when told. He totally knows what to do and how to do it. We started using the potty bell again, doctor, and gating him in the bathroom. After 3 days he still has not gone on the toilet (only in his pants). Our basic routine is I have the potty bell go off about 9 am. I wait until 9 because usually by the time I get him up in the morning he has already had a bowel movement and peed in his diaper. He stays in the bathroom until 12 when I feed him lunch and then put him down for a nap at 1. He sleeps until 3 or 4. I set the potty bell again and put him the bathroom until dinner. Then he goes to bed. He cries sometimes when he is in the bathroom. The rest of time he fools around with the toilet paper or whatever else he can find. I have emptied the medicine cabinet, but he still climbs up on the sink and today was playing in the toilet water. I mainly leave him be, but I did go in today told him to stay out of the toilet. I haven't yet emptied all the cabinets in the bathroom so he seems to be somewhat entertained while he is in there. Any other ideas on what to try?

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