"Ask a child no questions, the child will tell you no lies. "

10 year old : Bringing about 'revolution' in a blended family.


My husband has three 10 year olds. The mother left when they were 4 and has been in and out of their life sporadically since. Two years ago (about the time I married my husband) she came back into town. We have full legal and physical custody, but 'Mommy' now has them every other weekend. There are no rules at her home and she actively undermines the rules at ours. She buys their affection and is the fun time Mom. We know we need to have a revolution in our home, the kids behavior is like Eric's meltdown in the store...but it is complicated with the 'mother' undermining everything we do. Do we soldier on regardless and just say Mommy and Daddy have different rules?    Thank you!!!

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