Sibling Rivalry w/Multiples, follow-up part 2


To follow up on our sibling rivalry and curbing the meanness between the twins and triplets; you mentioned in the last message something about using tickets but in the first message just a 15 minutes in the thinking spot. Are those the same thing? Also for the sibling rivalry; I found a description of the "do not disturb the peace" on your website. It said 3 strikes and your out. The first 2 strikes are are 30 minute time outs and the last is being sent to the room the rest of the day. Is that what you recommend for us? I am hoping it doesn't get too confusing with which pair of children are fighting and which strike they are on for the day. You mentioned sitting around the table or other things. Wouldn't they all need to be separated? For not letting them tattle, what do you do if someone assaults another? Sometimes I see it happen, sometimes I don't and am not always sure how to punish as I don't know if only 1 or both were at fault. Thanks for your help.

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