Mom, move, and two wild children


I was about to submit a question last week when I was near my wit's end with my two children from a discipline perspective. I paused because I decided I wanted to read The Well Behaved Child and formulate a strategy based on what I learned first, and then follow up with questions. However, I did want to send a quick question in the interim.

As background, I have a son who turns 3 next week and a 16-month old daughter. We just moved a few months ago and while it has been a little rough with my husband traveling more than normal, we have tried to create routine and are settling in the best we can. Despite this, I have seen an uptick in both children's misbehavior but mostly in my son. (Thus why I'm reading the book). I'm absolutely certain I will circle back with more questions around discipline, but my specific question at this moment is about my son's need for attention. I am honestly taken aback at his need and fight for it. He wants ANY kind of attention and will do things I know he understands are wrong. For example, his sister was jumping on the couch so while I was disciplining her, he jumped up on the couch and smiled as soon as I looked his way...and then proceeded to jump on the couch. I disciplined him too but I think he doesn't mind the negative attention -- as long as I am paying attention. This is just one small example. It just baffles me because he receives plenty of attention and an equal amount to his sister, if not more. What is the psychology around this? I realize it may be elementary but I want to hear it from the experts.:)

Also, I may reach out for one-on-one coaching because I really want to get the right discipline strategy in place. Could you explain more about this service and its cost?

Thank you in advance!

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