12 Year Old Allergy Fears


We have a 12 year old son that is severely allergic to peanuts. He was exposed at school at age 5 and on an airplane at 6. He has since been very anxious. He choses not to participate in many activities including birthday parties etc. Recently, he earned a reward trip with our church to go to play laser tag. He begged not to go because he is afraid that the equipment etc. could be contaminated with traces of peanut candy etc. His allergist has been very frank with him about the dangers of even traces of peanuts. We struggle with knowing when we should make him go on the trips or to parties after we have educated the other parents and teachers. When are we enabling him vs torturing him? Also, we don't want to always accompany him to these events…we feel he needs to learn how to adapt and live with his allergy without us always present. He regularly choses not to participate in activities. We chose to fly to NYC last December and he was so afraid to fly (because of his experience flying at age 6) he cried and begged not to go and frankly, made us miserable in the process!!!! (We even called the airline ahead of time to ensure safe flying) Please help!!! :))

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