19 mo boy and toilet training


I'm in week 3 of toilet training my 19 month, 1 week old son. I've been using the potty bell and I know it gets his attention but he won't go sit on the potty. When I tell him to go sit and potty, he ignores me with the exception of a few times...he did listen and go sit and potty. Also, he hasn't inituated just going independantly to his potty. So I've been sitting him on his potty about every 90 minutes. He will pee and poop with no problem on his potty if he needs to go. He jumps right up if he doesn't need to go. As long as I sit him on the potty every 90 minutes myself he doesn't have many accidents. I will admit that there has been about 4 times that I've put a pull up on him during the day for a few hours because my husband and I travel a lot for our business and sometimes have to take our son with us. I'm still using the 5"Cs" as well. I have read Toilet Training without Tantrums so I have some questions on logistics with using a gate.
1. Since my son isn't real verbal, doesn't tell me if he needs to go potty and won't go independantly...Is it time to use the gate?
2. When using the gate (I'm wanting to gate him in his play room) do I put the gate up everytime the timer goes off and put him behind the gate and make him stay until he pees or poop? If not, then what is the maximum amount of time to leave him gated if he doesn't potty?
3. If he happens to have an accident while gated how should I handle that?
4. What should I do if he reacts negatively after being gated?
5. I welcome any other tips and suggestions you may have have.
Thanks Again

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