Developmental Delays and Potty Training


I'm sorry to ask more potty training questions as I'm sure you've answered this question multiple times before but unfortunately I can't seem to find the exact question using the search function.

Day 3 of N75, 28 month old son with global developmental delay, 18-24 months developmentally. So far he is oblivious to accidents both naked and in thin underwear. Has pooped on floor, walked through it and still not seemed to notice.

1. Correcting accidents: using statements verbatim from book, he will not go to potty when verbally directed. I have walked him over to potty. He cries, I sit him down, he pops up again, about the 3rd time I sit him down he stays long enough for me to walk away but about 30 seconds after gets up again. Then we clean up. Should I be insisting he sits or just lead him to potty give the instruction and let it go if he doesn't sit?

2. Pull ups: we are staying at home until he gets the hang of things but I do have to drop off and pick up my older son from preschool 2 days per week. Can I put him in a pull up for the car?

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