2 yr old doesn't like her high chair


Hello there,
I think we may have made a mistake with our daughter, and I'm wondering what the best way to walk back from it might be. Our girl just turned two. We had been letting her sit in a regular chair at the dinner table since we were doing N75 and it seemed better to have her be able to hop down and use the potty (and it seemed uncomfortable to strap her into anything sans bottoms). The problem now, however, is that now she hates her high chair and worse, hates her formerly beloved clip-on chair that we use for restaurants and eating at other people's homes (it clips to the sides of tables and is much better at containing her than restaurant high chairs). When we try to put her in her high chair she flails and screams (not a scene I want to inflict on people in public). When *not* in a high chair, she hops in and out of the chair and all around the room (also not good in public). She's not terribly food-motivated, so less likely to be moved by "if you don't sit, you can't have your dinner." At this age, how far in the future can a consequence be? When we are done with dinner we usually let her have a half-hour of her favorite cartoon, but is using that as a bargaining tool too abstract for a two-year-old? Any advice is much appreciated - thank you!

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