6 yo and 3 yo Sibling Conflict


I have a 6 yo son and a 3 yo daughter (who I homeschool). They fight and argue and pester... a lot! It is driving me crazy. I have been separating them but not only do they just pick back up with the fighting when they come back out but they argue from their rooms. I have tried to ignore it but then it's Lord of the Flies. Very often this fighting gets physical which concerns me because it is a boy 3 1/2 years older than a girl, although my daughter is certainly learning to hold her own! My friends and family keep telling me to do nothing because it's normal and it won't end until they move out. That's a long way away! I'm an only child so I have no idea what sibling interactions should look like. Maybe my expectations are unrealistic and I just shouldn't let it irritate me. Help?

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