5 yr old naughtiness


My 5 year old boy has turned into a nasty kid. He has always had some anger issues but now since Kindergarten everyday it is something with him. When he doesnt get his way he crosses his arms and makes a mad face and stomps off or straightens his arms and hands in fists and stomps off. He will put his fist in our 8 year olds face when he gets mad at her. We are 4 wks into Kindergarten and the school has a "teaching tool" that basically is a sheet they send home telling you what your kid did that day naughty with a check list if it was aggressive or disrespectful. The kids had 4 so far. Throwing wood chips at friend, hitting friend in chest with fist. Not listening to music teacher. He will laugh and think he is funny when you tell him to stop which further increases my blood pressure. After he was naughty in church I have taken everything out of his room and told him when he starts being a nice boy he can have it back.
Any advice is this normal boy or should I be worried about his aggressiveness. He used to be a sweet boy with a little naughty not sure where that kid went.

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