2 yo and night time control


I am in the process of toilet training my almost 24 month old and am confused about what to do at night time. I read the book, "Toilet Training without Tantrums" and am following the specific guidance set out for day time but didn't really see any specific guidance for nights (expect that there really is no such thing as "night time training"). We are putting him to bed without a diaper and he is waking up wet and cold. If he wakes before time to get up, I go in, put him on the potty, change his clothes, and put a towel down over the sheets. I then put him back down until time to get up.
Upon reading some of the questions on this website I have noticed that some folks received different guidance for nights. Some are training during the day and using diapers at night. Some advice says to go diaper-less at night only after they wake up dry several times. My son has never woken up dry. I would really like to have him diaper free altogether but if he isn't ready to hold it all night yet I don't want him to suffer for months waking up cold and wet. Please let me know what is in the best interest of my son.

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