3 yo toilet issues


In response to your answer about my 3 year 4 month old girl who persists in daytime wetting, i have been consistent about putting her in her room and making her wash her pants. Yesterday I put her to bed an hour earlier too. Today she is so mad and even more resistant when I enforced the same consequences, when it happened again, that she completely refused to use the toilet after wetting and went down for a nap. Inevitably pees in her bed. I have removed her favourite bear saying he is dirty and needs a wash. I read that at this age a child is not undertrained but resistant to the process. Often they are in a power struggle with parents who have made it a big deal. That was my mistake. Now my question is, given she is even more resistant to the process because of the consequences, should I just keep at it? No I am not reminding her. I am merely enforcing the rule when this happens.

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