No Potty at School


I know that potty training is a process which can have bumps in the road from time-to-time, but I feel like we may have hit a wall with our son going to the potty at school. He does not have accidents at home and will go pee and poop in the potty, but he is having accidents every day (sometimes twice) at school. The teacher is very kind and patient and takes him to try at regular times, but he doesn't go. He also does not tell them when he has to go. We have tried offering incentives to go potty, but that did not work. Now we have begun consequences at home if he has accidents, and he cannot watch tv and pretty much must eat dinner, take a bath, and go to bed. Should we continue to send him to school in underwear and hope it just happens or should we go back to sending him in pull-ups and just keep up with the potty training at home?

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