8 year old Peace Breaker


We have implemented many of your methods, most recently, keeping the family peace. Oh, my 8 year old REALLY hates it, since he thinks he is innocent in almost all the scuffles with his 5 year old sister. He follows me around demanding to know why he should be punished when he was innocent, or tried to stop his sister from running to me to complain and she did anyway, etc. I try to stick to the "because I said so" formula or "I am done talking about this with you," but this positively infuriates him and escalates into yelling about how mean and unfair I am. It's this response I am not sure how to deal with. They already get a strike for breaking the family peace (plus 30 minutes time out, but often these things happen right on the way out the door to school so the time out has to wait till we get home). How should I deal with him yelling at me? He almost always apologizes later, but it's very disrespectful behavior.

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