Toilet Training Resistant 3 yr old


My daughter is 3 years 4 months and is poop trained since 18 months ols. However bladder training is a completely different story. She will get busy and not go until her pants are wet, then she will go..usually after 4-5 hours or more. i am very certain she knows how to keep dry but elects to wet herself. We usually take her to the toilet as a routine before bedtime and naptime, before going out etc but recently she has strongly resisted all efforts to take her to the bathroom. I think she is resisting us on purpose because we have reminded her too often and made a big deal of it. Now I have backed off completely and acted nonchalant, made her wash her pants and wait till they dry on the heater before she can go out of her room. She is dry while in her room..However once shes out of her room, shes back to wetting. What shall i do?

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