Reluctant Preschooler Needs Parental Patience


My 3.5 year old son has just started preschool 2 days per week for 2.5 hrs. He has never been in a group setting before and was excited to go the first week and very interested in interacting with the other children. Now he is resisting going, runs away, won't put on his shoes or jacket or get in his car seat without a struggle. Once he is at school he is hesitant but is excited to see the other children and so far has gone to join the group without a fuss. His resistance seems to me more about being oppositional towards my authority (he's figured out I want him to go more than he wants to go) than about not wanting to go to school. So far I have just carried him to the car and put his shoes on him and he's calm enough by the time we get to school that he walks in. Should there be a punishment? What would you recommend? I'm new to John's books and website and I am uncertain what is appropriate at 3.5 years.

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