"A father's contribution to his children is primarily a measure of how much he adores their mother. "

high school boy back with dad


Hi Dr. Rosemond, I am back! First of all, do you prefer being referred to as "Dr. Rosemond" or "John" or other? If you recall from the history of my previous questions, I had a major conflict with my son the last semester of the previous school year which resulted in him living with his mom's parents while he finished the semester. He was going to finish high school with his mom in Iowa, but has since then changed his mind, is back with me and will, God-willing, finish school here where I live (Nebraska). I have some specific questions that I will plan on asking at a later time but wanted to know your thoughts, considering the history, on an overall good parenting plan that you think would make this time around more successful. Thank you.

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