2 yo Picky Eater


We have been consistently doing "the teaspoon plan" with our almost 3 year old son for a month now. While generally he has done much better with coming to the table when it is dinner time (we were having an issue with him throwing a tantrum before dinnertime), both my husband and I are becoming frustrated that the plan doesn't seem to be helping him try new foods. MOST nights, all he eats is his 1 inch square of bread and 1 teaspoon's worth of fruit (though he doesn't get fruit every night). Is this something we should just stay the course on? I confess that tonight I had planned to mix up some cookies, and we tried to get him to eat his dinner with the promise that he could have a cookie! I'm sure this was stupid to do and maybe counter productive, but we don't want to raise a picky eater! Is there anything we can do, or should we let it go?

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