5 yo Pyromaniac?


This afternoon I got a call from my son's kindergarten teacher. Apparently my son, who had been sitting in a time-out for noncompliance during gym class, had told another teacher who was sitting with him in time-out that he didn't like school and wanted to burn the school down. To her credit, my son's classroom teacher called to relay the story to me (rather than documenting it in an email), and then tried to calm me down by saying, "at least he's talking about his bad feelings rather than hitting people, you know?" and "He's five. I'd be worried if he was 16 and saying things like that."

I'm not sure how to proceed. My instinct is to take the focus off the pyromaniacal aspect (which, by the way, I have NO IDEA where he would have gotten an idea like that--TV? Brother? Playground kids?) and focus on why he says he doesn't like school. But because of the social climate we live in, I know as an adult that he cannot say things like that without teachers and administrators and parents freaking out (but I can't let him know that, right?). I just don't want him to get kicked outA of school, and I don't want the whole faculty thinking I'm a negligent mother.

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