2 yo Toilet Training


My son is 27 months and has global developmental delay but no specific syndrome, cerebral palsy, or chromosome abnormality (he had a huge work up with the pediatric neurologist). He has ongoing therapies 3 times per week in our home. He has made amazing progress and at his last formal evaluation he was testing in the 18-24 month range (depending on the skill). I'd like to start N75 with him the first week of October when I have a week off from work and can be home with him. He is still really easy going and wants to please and I want to get him trained before the proverbial oppositional shoe drops. His early childhood teacher doesn't think he's ready but she's also not familiar with N75 and training at age 4 is the norm in her world. To be clear she just provides therapy and is not a caregiver and doesn't have to be on board with the decision. When I work we have a neighbor who's children are grown watch the boys in our home. She is on board and helped our older son train "early" by today's standards. My parents usually watch the boys one day per week at their house and when I told them about the plan they were skeptical he would be able to comprehend. I think he will certainly take longer to catch on than my older son and he will need some help with the motor skills part but I am hopeful. With all the differing opinions I am starting to second guess the decision. What would you advise?

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