3 yo Attention Seeking, Tantrums


Dear John, I wrote to you a few weeks ago about behavioural problems from my 3 year old girl after baby was born. Baby is now 10 weeks old..people keep telling me she is still adjusting and misses the attention we all used to give her. She misbehaves, interrupts and throws fits especially infront of guests and grandparents who visit (and give baby the attention instead of her). She will be defiant and ask for this and that, show us different toys when the adults are talking. When i tell her not to interrupt, she will stop for a bit, and then up the ante by doing naughty things, or by asking for help in this and that. When ignored, it ends with a kicking tantruming toddler on the floor. In short, she refuses to allow attention from adults to be given to anything else but her. When its just her parents (us) with her, she behaves better and is happier not to interrupt. How should I handle this?

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