2 year old BM Messes


My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter Nola has been taking her clothes of during crib/sleep time since she was about two. About four months ago, she started pooping in the crib at naptime and making really horrible (and I mean horrible) messes. In the last two months, it has gotten really bad--worse, actually, because she is 6 weeks into toilet training and is now sometimes "saving up" two days of poop. I confess to have used suppositories a few times in the last few weeks just to get a break from the cleaning (she doesn't mind them at all). I wish I had started training earlier--I might have avoided all of this--but I was waiting on all these "readiness signs" and didn't know about John's methods until a few weeks ago. Anyway, forward. I went to a resale shop, bought several sets of footie pajamas, cut the feet out, and have started zipping her into them backwards for naps, which sort of solved the problem, though she hollers and carries on, even though she is tired and is still taking two-hour poop-free naps at daycare. I'm so confused that I'm not sure what my question is at this point. I suppose it is this: Is Nola old enough for a diabolical plan to stop her crib pooping? And to get her to regularly sit on the potty each day and poop (sometimes she actually asks to sit on the potty and poop, but it's rare, and usually it's her pants or her bed)? Many thanks.
PS: Peeing on the potty is fine as long as I remind and direct her, though she will wake up wet in the morning.

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