Teens and Money


John has helped me raise two good girls for 14 years...and now the first has started high school. I subscribed here for a year as I am entering new and uncertain waters with many questions. Today's question is financial. My 14.5 yr old has babysat since age 12. My 12.5 yr old has pet sit since age 10 and is now babysitting. We live in an affluent area (though we are not) and they get paid very well. I have made them return exorbitant payments, even. I give them allowance of $10 and $7 weekly, respectively. I make them pay half their phone bill. (We have no land line and it is convenient for me to let them have phones to reach me at work). At this point I feel they should pay for other things too, and am looking to see your thoughts. I would pay 100% of school supplies and fees, plus family dinners out and activities. Also clothing NEEDS. I would think I should pay 50% of school optionals, like plays, football game tickets, dances, etc. I feel they should pay 100% of their wants, like clothing above needed new items, friends' birthday gifts, movies with friends, fast food treats, etc. I am asking if this is reasonable? Should I expect more or less? Should I still give allowance since they get the other income? And should I have my teen see if she can get a job on weekends at a grocery store or similar? Thanks!

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