Cellphone for 6th grader


My son is starting a new public middle school (6th grade). His previous years were spent at a private school. When i attended his orientation the Principal stated to the parents that students are allowed to bring cell phones to school and may use them during lunch period to play games and so forth. I was taken abit back by that because I have discouraged staring at screens in the raising of this child and instead encouraged social and creative activities, all of which he flourishes in. I asked the Principle what percentage of kids in 6th grade have phones (approx) and he said about 60%. I was planning on getting him a basic phone for emergencies, one which was not allowed to play games and he was happy with that. However, now I am wondering since he is the only new student in this school system, should I go against my principles so he "fits" in, or should I give him the opportunity to make friends the good old fashioned way, by chatting in the lunchroom rather then looking at a screen to pass the time? ps I have dealt with severe video game addiction with his older brother. Look forward to your advice. Thank you.

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