8 year old Standing Up for Himself


This is a question about our 8.5 year old boy. I have read you recognize 'boy behavior'-boys not keeping their hands to themselves,etc. and that it is normal. My boys experience this at Sunday school/Vacation Bible School/other classes/out with others. We tell him to tell the boy to stop (touching him/pushing/whatever), then tell the adult/teacher, then push back. He does not like to tell the adult for some reason, but says some kids don't stop when he tells them to. What should we instruct him to do when the offending party does not stop after telling them to? We don't want him to hit kids for no reason, but it seems that he really gets annoyed at some boys' behavior that won't stop. I would too. We worry about him being bullied due to the way we are teaching him to handle things.


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