9 yo has it both ways


Our 9 year old son's defiant and disrespectful behavior has gotten out of control. We are having a hard time knowing where the line is in disciplining him. We have taken everything away from him with the exception of sports. He plays football and lacrosse pretty much everyday of the week. We have threatened to take both sports away but have never followed through. We are conflicted and are at a loss with what to do. The coaches have been made aware of his behavior but they tell us not to take sports away because it is an outlet for him. We have also invested a lot of money for both sports. Do we have him just practice and not play in the games? Do we take it all away and just make him sit on the sidelines? We don't want to embarrass him or ruin his chances to play in the future. We are exhausted. We have had enough and it seems that is the only currency left. Please advise before my husband and I lose it. Thank you!

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