18 month old Potty Training Sanity Check


Need a sanity check... we are only on day 3 of training our nearly 18 mos. daughter. On day 1, she peed 3 times in her little potty. Day 2 nada (and an impressive poo on the floor) and day 3 thus far nada. I know it is VERY early and have no intention of abandoning ship. She gets super excited to sit on the potty after her 4 yo brother does so - but she doesn't go. She then commonly ends up having an accident a few minutes later. I calmly give her the "You had an accident... next time you'll do better... you need to sit and try to make more pee." I lead her over and she throws a fit when we get to the potty and does NOT want to sit; I don't want to hold her down on the seat so not sure how to proceed. She loves to sit when trading turns w/her brother but freaks out on me during these post-accident moments as she clearly feels like I'm trying to control her. Trying to sort out how I back off if she won't sit to try and make more. Do I just walk away and let her throw a fit without having her sit again? My intention is to stay the course as is for this first week and then add the potty bell... although her beautiful willfulness is leading me to believe the gated bathroom + bell is in the future for us. Thanks much.

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