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Regarding 5 Year Old Boy Touching. I have been following this question since it was first submitted because I am curious - my sister had a similar situation. Your response to the follow up question posted yesterday was that you answered it in the queue and also made it into a column. Unless I missed something, the response provided in the queue is not an answer but rather a statement saying the question will be answered in a column. On your home page the current column has never been accessible since this new website was launched. The columns available are always at least 2 or 3 weeks old. I have to go to the Charlotte Observer website to read your current column. There is no column in the recent history on this topic. This question was posted well over a week ago. The last three columns have been: 8/5: Simple Solutions 8/12: Impulse Control 8/20: Potty Training. Given the response to both questions, one would have expected either the 8/12 or 8/20 column to be about the 5 year old. So some confusion should be understandable. Hope this helps....

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