4 yr old toilet trainng resistance


Original question was "4 Year Old Toileting Woes" - answered by Carri Ludwig on 7/28.
Hi Carri,
It has been 3 weeks since we started your plan - when our son poops in his underwear, he goes to his room for the rest of the day and bed after dinner. It hasn't phased him. He usually poops in the afternoon. He doesn't like his time in his room, but he seems to entertain himself with his pillow and laundry basket just fine. Do I just keep it up?
He goes to his pre-school next week where they will not change him. They will call me to come change him (I went almost every day last year). I assume I bring him home and send him to his room when they call me? Thank you for your help and guidance. It's given me firm direction and some hope.

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