Parents MUST Get on the Same Page Regarding Teen Drug Use


My stepson (I have been raising him since he was 10, bio mother is deceased) just turned 17 and my husband (his dad) and i purchased him a car to drive back and forth to work. i suspected that he started smoking marijuana because he started hanging out with some older boys, who i knew were trouble. when i would tell my husb. he refused to believe that he was up to trouble and danger. i gathered evidence (a lighter in his drawer, eye drops in his car) and still husband in denial, until he came home from work "stoned" because he went to smoke weed at his friends house and then drove home (he thought we would not be there) his dad confronted him the next day and he admitted it. then we spoke at the kitchen table and told him he may not see those boys anymore and he is to be accountable at all times since he is a minor. however, he lies about everything and still my husband "gives him the benefit of the doubt." School is starting and he wants to drive his (it really is my husband and my car) car to school. i say, NO. the bus comes right to our house and i do not trust him at all, due to all the lies and he also is a very careless driver, my husband is considering it. What would you recommend?
I just asked a question about my stepson and i wanted to add that I gave him alot of freedom this summer and he abused the freedom and continues to lie about everything. i agree that kids learn from mistakes, however illegal drug use (marijuana) and then driving under the influence is just abit much for me. Where do you draw the line at freedoms for a minor? thank you and i hope this isn't too confusing.

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