3 year old Fear Factor


My almost 3 yo youngest son has been terrified of my dad (his Grandpa) since birth. My dad has a bushy black mustache. My son used to wail and shake in terror when he was a mere infant upon seeing my dad (or even seeing his picture or hearing his voice on the phone). He has never been able to get used to his Grandpa, and cannot even be in the same room. We see Grandpa every few months. My son's crying is not plain whining nor "drama" really, it seems like real terror. Grandpa is nice and loving. He has never even been able to hold his youngest grandson, and is very upset by this behavior. Grandpa tried giving him toys and gifts to no avail. We also talk about Grandpa at home in a loving manner, and go through pictures of him holding the other kids. My older two kids were also somewhat scared of the mustache but grew out of that quickly. And no, my dad doesn't want to shave the mustache (he is actually scarier without it :). Please help!!! P.S. My son seems to be afraid of bushy dark mustaches and beards on other men as well.

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