7 year old misbehavior and Sensory Processing Disorder



My 7-year old son has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, but I am a skeptic. His disobedience and defiance seem to be more of a normal rebellious order than a disorder. We have spanked, withheld privileges and possessions, tried Time-Out, but nothing seems to affect his determination to have his own way. He can be a sweet kid, but as soon as something doesn't go his way, his demeanor shifts dramatically, his voice is immediately in SHOUT mode, and despite a calm reaction to try and settle him, he growls, pushes, and has begun swinging his fists to get what or where he wants. We pray for him, with him, and hope for change, but not sure on a clear direction. We know that his current direction is not a good one. We had been referred to an Occupational Therapist in Pineville, who told us that his rebellion was not his fault, and that he had no control over his actions because of the "disorder." I could not disagree more with that person, and we have since discontinued services with them. He is very intelligent and very aware of his actions; he knows what he does is wrong, but what he WANTS is more important.


We cannot answer any questions as long as you are seeing a specialist with your son. I see that you have terminated the services of the occupational therapist. Please let me know if you are no longer consulting with whoever diagnosed your son or any other expert, so I can answer your question.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon,
Dinah Bucholz, CLPC, BSW

*** We are not under contract of any specialist or other consultant at this time other than his primary pediatrician. The original question may be open (not private), but now that we are trying the Tickets, we are seeing some improvement, but his temper seems to be the most concerning.

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