19 month old night training again


Hi John-

Thanks for addressing my question a few weeks ago about my 19mo old daughter removing her diaper at nighttime. I immediately took your advice and started nap/night "training" by just letting her sleep naked for naps and nights.

In 2.5 weeks, we have had two night time "successes" although both involved her waking me up at 5am and me taking her to the bathroom. Aside from that, she wakes up every morning saying "uh-oh" when she finds herself sleeping in pee and helps me clean it up. I do not make a big deal of it.

Naptimes have been a disaster, with her frequently pooping and then spreading the poop all over the bed and walls.

The night training has created a lot more work for me. Prior to this, I generally didn't respond if my daughter woke between bedtime and 7:30am. She was well aware of this, and rarely cried during the night. Now she is waking 2-3 times a night, sometimes needing to use the potty, sometimes having peed, and for seemingly no reason at all. I am exhausted!

I read the recommendation of teaching them to clean it up themselves, but she is unable to get out of bed without me (nor do I really want to encourage that). Do I just leave towels in the corner of the bed and let her either clean it up or spend the rest of the night laying in it? What do I do about playing with the poop at naptime? Or, do I just go back to diapers for a few months and try again later?

Thanks for your guidance.

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