Toddler Regress With Toilet Training


My son is 2years 8 months old. He has been day potty trained since 22 months. We just started night training four weeks ago (we should have done this much sooner)and he wakes up dry about 60 percent of the time. But the problem is that since we have started the night training he is now having accidents (on purposes) during the day. Sometimes multiple times. He had not had an accidents in months leading up to this. I know he can control it, as he had been controlling it for months prior. What is an appropriate consequence for a child of this age? He loves his trains and tracks, so today I have removed them. He has asked for them and each time I say no and remind him that he cannot have them because he pooped his pants. I believe this is appropriate for him at this time. Another suggestions would be helpful.

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